eXist Solutions is happy to announce a new subscription offer of eXist-db along with complementary support packages, which are now available for order through the eXist-db homepage. The subscription - called eXist-db LTS - is a quality-assured distribution of eXist-db which is guaranteed to be maintained for at least 2 years for each major release.

While it is based on exactly the same Open Source code base, we want to make sure our customers build their applications on a stable foundation and benefit from the latest bug fixes and improvements without the risks of using a development version. LTS releases are provided at a higher frequency than the major releases and include cherry picked changes from the development branch. LTS versions within a major branch will all be backwards compatible.

The new support packages extend the LTS Subscription with a Service Level Agreement to guarantee a quick resolution of any issues or questions which may arise. Support covers all aspects of the application lifecycle from development via deployment to production.

The new services are backed by a larger team, which now also includes the developers of betterFORM, thus comprising the best competence available in backend and frontend development of XML-based applications.

With this announcement, eXist 2.1.1 LTS is made available to all subscribers. As part of the LTS service, we will continue to port critical changes back to the 2.1.x LTS branch for two years.