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eXide 2.0: New Features

Features & Facts


One Step Installation

With just one installation step you get everything you need. No need to setup and configure multiple system components.

One Platform

Get a feature-complete platform that covers everything to build even complex applications.

One Data Model

XML across all layers makes mapping technologies superfluous and increases productivity.

Seeing is believing.

Check out our demo applications.

Need more in-depth information?

Explore our documentation.

Schema-less Database

The high-performance native XML database engine stores textual or binary data and documents without requiring a database schema.

Rapid Prototyping

Upload your data and start writing code immediately.

Application Packages

eXist-db applications are packaged as single archive files that are installed directly in the database. Deployment, upgrading to new versions and distribution become a breeze.


eXist-db is fully based upon Open Standards and Open Source making it a future-proof and substainable choice.

Browser-based IDE

A Browser-based IDE allows managing and editing all artifacts belonging to an application. Syntax-coloring, code-completion and error-checking help to get it right.

Forms Framework

Being a complete solution, eXist-db tightly integrates with XForms for complex form development.

Rich Stack of Libraries

Develop entire applications in XQuery using eXist-db's rich set of libraries.

Community Driven

Being Open Source since 2001, eXist-db development has always been driven by the needs of a large user community.

Subscriptions & Support

Long Term Support (LTS) Release


Service Packs


Early Access

12 Months Subscription
starts at 1200 € per instance

Support Plans

LTS Required

Guaranteed Response Time, Issue Management,
Professional Services, Feature Requests

Rebate on additional Support, Development,
Training + Consulting

Advanced Plan 3.500 €

Enterprise Plan 13.000 €

Payment via bank transfer only: you will receive an invoice at the end of the registration process. For other payment options, please contact us directly.


Long Term Reliability
LTS versions will be supported for at least 2 years after initial release.
Extra Quality Assured
Subscriptions versions of eXist give you a reliable foundation for your applications. New features and extensions will be added only after extensive testing and are guaranteed to be compatible with your version.
Professional Services
Get access to consulting, support and training services from the makers of eXist.
Monitoring Open Source projects can be time-consuming. Wit a subscription you will get informed about new features and releases that might be of interest for you.
Issue Management
With a subscription and a support plan your issues will be acknowledged within a guaranteed response time of one day*.

Support Plans

Plan Comparison LTS** Advanced Enterprise
Included Support days*** per subscription year - 3 12
Support Channels - web email web email phone
Rebate on additional Services*** - 5% 10%

* Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00 GMT+1

** The LTS version does not include support services. However support services are available on email request.

*** includes consulting, development and training

!For inquiries about individual arrangements and training offerings please contact eXistSolutions.


All versions of eXist-db are Open Source and may be used in academic, non-commercial and commercial applications.

Download eXist-db 2.1


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