eXist-db 2.2RC2

The second release candidate for eXist 2.2 is available for download.

RC2 contains numerous bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements. The new range index - introduced with RC1 - has seen a lot of real-world testing and bug fixing to make sure it is properly used by queries, so they benefit from the superior performance of this new index.

Beyond the new range index, a number of other performance bottlenecks have been identified. Each of those can have a huge effect on particular queries: for example, the removal of unnecessary type checks on index-assisted functions and redundant cleanup cycles in the query engine increased performance in some cases by factor 10 or more. NGram indexes have also seen a huge speed up with respect to indexing as well as query times. Finally, the query optimizer missed to descend into some types of expressions, causing them to run without optimization.


Using the NGram index to search Sanskrit texts

Noteworthy other changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Fix: a caching issue led to random index failures for data sets large enough to fill the entire caching space.
  • Fix: faster addition or insertion of nodes using update extensions. In particular, the time to append a node should not increase with the size of the document anymore.
  • Fix: removing a collection containing a large number of documents or subcollections resulted in a huge recovery log being written, which does not only consume disk space, but may eventually also lead to recovery failures.
  • Enhancement: faster consistency checks and thus backups.
  • Enhancement: allow queries to be terminated by user: now effectively stops all types of expressions that have blocked db shutdown before.

Query profiling with Monex

Nearly all apps shipping with eXist have been enhanced as well. There were so many changes and additions that we will need to cover them in a separate article during the next days, so please stand by.

The final release of eXist 2.2 is scheduled for the first half of August.