eXist-db v3.4.1

# Release Notes

## v3.4.1 - August 16, 2017

eXist-db v3.4.1 has just been released. This is a hotfix release, which contains bug fixes for several important issues discovered since eXist-db v3.4.0.

We recommend that all users of eXist 3.4.0 should upgrade to eXist 3.4.1.

### Bug fixes Fixed a regression related to XQuery Module cleanup and util:eval which was introduced in eXist-db 3.4.0. Fixed the signing of the core Jar files (start.jar, exist.jar, and exist-optional.jar). This is required for using the Java Admin Client via. Java WebStart. Corrected the argument parser in ExportMain which is used for some backup scenarios. Previously ExportMain would exit after startup with an error. Fixed removal of an existing backup directory when starting a backup from the Java Admin Client. Previously the directory would always have been deleted; even when the user chose to preserve it. xs:base64Binary and xs:hexBinary backing InputStreams which were cached to a file now #mark(int)/#reset() correctly after reading. Extraneous whitespace is now stripped from XQDoc output provided to the Inspection XQuery extension module. * Corrected the dependency references in the NetBeans project files.

### Backwards Compatibility

  • eXist-db v3.4.1 is backwards binary-compatible as far as v3.0, but not with earlier versions. Users upgrading from previous versions should perform a full backup and restore to migrate their data.

### Downloading This Version

eXist-db v3.4.1 is available for download from GitHub. Maven artifacts for eXist-db v3.4.1 are available from our mvn-repo. Mac users of the Homebrew package repository may acquire eXist 3.4.1 directly from there.