eXist-db v3.2.0

Release Notes

v3.2.0 - May 2, 2017

We are happy to announce the release of eXist-db v3.2.0. This is a minor release, which introduces a few small features and addresses a number of issues.

New Features

  • Added an IPRange Security Realm, to authorize users by IP address only. (Disabled by default)
  • Added --forking and --pidfile options to startup scripts
  • Added configuration options to $EXIST_HOME/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml to disable XQuery and XUpdate execution via submission to the RESTServer.
  • Added the XPath 3.1 function fn:load-xquery-module
  • Added the XQuery function xmldb:find-last-modified-until

Performance Improvements

  • Small improvements to lock mode use; resulting in more shared locks, and less exclusive locks.
  • Optimised DefaultDocumentSet#contains and DefaultDocumentSet#equals for DefaultDocumentSet comparisons

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the following-sibling axis so that it also correctly works with names. e.g. $items//b/following-sibling::a
  • DataBackup scheduled tasks now includes all .dbx files and indexes
  • Fixed missing transaction commit in EmbeddedUpload
  • Several locking fixes, including lock acquire/release leaks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Lucene match highlighting of ignored nodes; when the ignored node had the same name as the indexed node.
  • Fixed the implementation of org.w3c.dom.Node#isSameNode for persistent nodes; enables better compatibility when using database documents with Saxon.
  • Fixed the reported line numbers when there are newlines in string literals or constructors
  • Java Admin Client again correctly handles --parse or -p argument
  • Namespace Constructor in Computed Element Constructor now works correctly
  • Fixes to install and uninstall for the service wrapper (YAJSW) with systemd
  • Fixes to resolving references in the Configurator
  • Re-implement CollectionConfiguration#triggerRegistered; fixing the xquery-versioning-module
  • DefaultDocumentSet#contains no longer always returns true
  • Avoid implicit conversion of unicode x160 as numerical entity   when serializing XML

Clean Up and Refactoring

  • Corrected the function documentation of xmldb:last-modified-since
  • Disabled sequential token generation in the PersistentLoginModule
  • Disabled auto-deployment of EXPath packages when running tests; faster test suite
  • Switched from MBean to MXBeand for improved JMX client support
  • Further legacy code cleanup to Java 8 syntax
  • Upgraded 3rd party libraries:
    • log4j2 2.8.2
    • j8fu 1.4.1
  • Generalised the MacOS package signing targets in the build system
  • ... and many more

Backwards Compatibility

  • eXist-db v3.2.0 is backwards binary-compatible as far as v3.0, but not with earlier versions. Users upgrading from previous versions should perform a full backup and restore to migrate their data.

Downloading This Version

eXist-db v3.2.0 is available for download from Bintray. Maven artifacts for eXist-db v3.2.0 are available from our mvn-repo. Mac users of the Homebrew package repository will be able to install and upgrade shortly; an announcement will be made on the exist-open mailing list.