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    eXist-db Documentation

    Version: 6.1.0
    Size: 4077k
    Requirement: eXist-db version 6.1.0 or later
    Short Title: exist-documentation
    Package Name (URI):
    Author(s): eXist-db
    License: GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1
    Download: exist-documentation-6.1.0.xar
    Download other versions:
    Change log:
    • New: Add a page about XSL-FO rendering - #726
    • xquery: Expose eXist-specific serialization options to fn:serialize - #672
    • backup: Remove comment on ZIP restrictions - #699
    • lucene: Expand custom analyzer configuration info - #706
    • updated validating against eXist-db XQuery engine
    • documentation: refer from kwic expand matches to lucene expand fields
    • Add documentation for --use-ssl flag (CLI backup)
    • Update xquery.xml
    • Update new range index doc to point to recent Lucene documentation
    • Add pointer to range:matches in documentation of new range index
    • fn:trace#1 is now supported
    • Add offline mode for Xars, URL Rewrite should now use controller.xq and not controller.xql
    • Tests and integration tests should be executable from both local machines and CI using just 'mvn verify
    • Review documentation on HTML templating; align with new templating package and mark deprecated/removed functions
    • Add some information about bounding the Cache module
    • Some documentation for Connection Pooling in the SQL Module
    • listings in separate files
    • listings not in CDATA
    • advanced-installation: minor improvements to the systemd steps
    • backup: address inconsistencies with configuration
    • docker: new article
    • log4j: rewritten
    • lucene: add diacritics analyzer, range query, distinct analyzers for indexing and querying
    • prod_web_prox: add warning about poor default configs
    • transform: improve xsl documentation
    • upgrading: add instructions for installations from source
    • url-rewrite: add errorhandler documentation
    • webdav: rewritten
    • web_proxying: add warning about body size limitations
    • xqsuite: add missing annotation documentation
    • xquery: indicate support of xml-to-json function, highlight func docs
    • listings are now linted when building the app
    • validate all articles to enforce author-ref via custom schema (experimental)
    • increase docbook to 5.1
    • lucene: add multi-value hierarchical facets
    • configuration: experimental document path-locks
    • remove newly implemented Xquery functions from list of unsupported functions
    • improve advanced installations and backup restore instructions
    • document the @min attribute for lucene queries
    • improve permission settings documentation
    • changes to backup and app restore process
    • add unit and integration tests
    • update interapp links, http links, section IDs
    • document new xquery functions, and adjust deprecated syntax cases
    • add lucene facets documentation
    • switched to mavenized build, and install instructions