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    TEI Publisher: Processing Model Libraries

    Description: TEI Publisher: Processing Model Libraries
    Version: 4.0.0
    Size: 67k
    Requirement: eXist-db version 3.6.0 or later
    Short Title: tei-publisher-lib
    Package Name (URI):
    Author(s): Wolfgang Meier
    License: GPLv3
    Download: tei-publisher-lib-4.0.0.xar
    Download other versions:
    Change log:
    • Refactor TEI output mode: so far it was only used for docx2tei transformations. docx-specific code moved into separate module, so TEI output mode becomes usable for other scenarios.
    • Support relative module import paths in configuration.xml
    • config.xqm is now exposed to the ODD under the "global" prefix
    • config.xqm is now available within XQuery expressions in the ODD under the "global:" prefix
    • Output relative import paths in generated XQuery modules
    • Allow relative path for extension modules loaded via configuration.xml
    • DOCX import: where additional attributes are specified according to the <> convention but are preceded by a dot, colon, etc., they were not stripped from the text content
    • Add output mode for print CSS. BREAKING CHANGE: the "print" output mode now exclusively refers to print CSS, not FO as before!
    • Fix and improve LaTeX mode
    • Optimize merging ODDs to speed up compilation
    • @pb:mode needs to be applied before templates are processed
    • fix error in docx upload processing
    • ignore [trash] folder in uploaded docx files
    • add support for <pb:set-param> to dynamically set a parameter for all subsequent models called. The new parameter will be availble in the $parameters map.
    • add attribute @pb:mode on <model> to declare a mode on all subsequent models called. The mode will be available to subsequent models in variable $mode.
    • docx2tei: another approach to reconstruct division hierarchy from titles, covering more edge cases
    • pass-through behaviour should not copy xml:id: there might be no parent element
    • docx2tei: construction of division hierarchy from titles: divisions were nested incorrectly
    • docx2tei: correctly resolve hyperlinks in footnotes and endnotes
    • only first child of modelSequence was taken into account if @output was specified
    • Add support for web annotations. Complements TEI Publisher 7.1.0
    • Fix: first character of each line was stripped from pb-template containing text. LaTeX output broken.
    • For HTML output, also copy @rend into generated class list
    • Fix an issue with nested footnotes
    • Add support for transforming a docx package
    • Added library module to generate a pm-config.xql based on ODD files used.
    • If changes to an ODD introduce XQuery syntax errors, don't overwrite the existing XQuery module. Instead store it with suffix .invalid.xql for reference but keep the old module.
    • Avoid line breaks before footnote numbers. This mainly affects TEI Publisher 6, which uses a different library for the footnote popups.
    • Fix compatibility with eXist 5.3.0: remove conflicting function declarations, which now cause an error
    • Do not recompile ODDs automatically as this causes a security issue with the new permissions setup
    • Output alternate as template within pb-popover to avoid invalid HTML for block-level content
    • Generated footnote popups will now use pb-popover (with TEI Publisher 6), which provides better positioning
    • Enhanced docx to TEI import
    • add optional parameter 'persistent' to alternate behaviour: if true, popups will appear on click and stay until dismissed
    • use internal numbering for alternate IDs to avoid conflicts
    • Update backward compatibility for older eXist versions: Last release v2.8.0 introduced breaking changes by using new functions for the `docx` module that are only supported by eXist 5.x.x versions and thus introduced a dependency to eXist 5.x.x. This release resolves the dependency by handling both new and deprecated functions.
    • Increment version number for latest commits (44300a0, dc3625c) made within release 2.8.0
    • Minor changes in `.gitignore` file: Exclude `.*` files by default, unless explicitly included.
    • Update for compatibility with eXist 5.0
    • Improve naming of template functions to avoid wrong calls
    • Add target parameter for behaviour link
    • Add TEI output mode and module for transforming docx to TEI
    • Rename link parameter for behaviour link to "uri" for spec compliance; support old "link" as fallback
    • Fix loading of external CSS from relative path
    • HTML output: if a label is defined for a note or list item, output it directly. Adds "n" parameter to listItem.
    • Implement alternate for LaTeX the same way as for FO: output alternate as footnote after default
    • Faster loading of behaviour library by avoiding use of counter module where possible
    • Support CSS styles for web to be loaded from external css via <rendition source="myfile.css"/>
    • Use $get(.) to get the original source element for the current node. Used to fix computation of heading levels
    • Support for templates and user-defined behaviours within the ODD
    • Renditions defined in tei header were no longer applied
    • Support definition of default elementSpec for elements and text nodes
    • FO output: make sure to not produce an empty destination for internal and external links
    • Fix internal references for LaTeX output
    • Apply class to line breaks so they can be stiled via CSS