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    Markdown Parser in XQuery

    Description: Markdown Parser in XQuery
    Version: 1.0.0
    Size: 11k
    Requirement: eXist-db version 5.3.0 or later
    Short Title: markdown
    Package Name (URI):
    Author(s): eXist-db Project
    License: LGPL-2.1
    Download: markdown-1.0.0.xar
    Download other versions:
    Change log:
    • Breaking change: Switch package type from app to library. Apps that relied on the application package's /exist/apps/markdown/ (via the parse.xql main module will not work.
    • Use generator-exist to regenerate package scaffolding, with tests, CI, etc.
    • Fix problem with parsing of inline strong - #11
    • Fix problem with block parsing- #12
    • Note: The fix in #12 was required for users of eXist 5.3.0 or higher, and so it is now the minimum required version.
    • Remove shared-resources dependency - #7
    • Update regex to match spec - 7c30b80
    • Add link to TEI version to bottom of - abf4b36
    • Add TEI output alongside original HTML output
    • Add support for task lists
    • Fix handling of quotes
    • Fix markdown module namespace prefix collision with metadata module
    • Allow markdown to occur inside HTML tags
    • Support HTML blocks and inline HTML