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    Couchbase driver

    Description: The Couchbase Server driver extension for eXist-db provides access to functions and features of the Couchbase Server using the original Couchbase java client. This extension has NOT been developed by CouchBase and is therefore NOT an offical driver nor is it supported by CouchBase.
    Version: 0.5.5
    Size: 6257k
    Requirement: eXist-db version 3.0.3 or later
    Short Title: couchbase
    Package Name (URI):
    Author(s): Dannes Wessels
    License: GNU-LGPL
    Download: couchbase-0.5.5.xar
    Download other versions:
    Change log:
    • Another improvement on JSON conversion: Support of more datatypes.
    • Improved conversion of XQuery-JSON objects to Couchbase-JSON objects and vice versa.
    • Upgrade to Java driver version v2.4.3.